Water Allies

Keepers of the Water (1996 Film)

Documentary directed by Professor Al Gedicks about the diverse coalition of environmental activists that fought together to successfully defeat the Exxon and Rio Algom proposed copper-zinc metallic sulfide mine and toxic waste dump on the banks of the Wolf River, in Crandon, northern Wisconsin. This film was digitized into three parts through support from the […]

We Cannot Live Without Water: The Crandon Mine Movement 1976-2003

A short film made by Claudia Delgado for the National History Day project. The video provides some historical and cultural context behind the alliance against Exxon’s proposed Crandon mine at the headwaters of the Wolf River. Artwork by Susan Simensky Bietila is included in this film: the Tommy Thompson jester puppet, the BAN CYANIDE banner […]

Virtual Panel: Water Allies of the Wolf River

The second panel, Water Allies of the Wolf River, was moderated by Allison Werner. This panel happened the day after the Dakota Access Pipeline was closed down, which was appropriate timing to talk about water protection and activism. We had three panelists: Anahkwet (Guy Reiter), a traditional Menominee and executive director of Menikanaehkem Community Rebuilders.  […]

Our Great Menominee River, Amen

Enjoy this song written by Elaine Mayer and sung by Coalition to SAVE the Menominee River, Inc. President Dale Burie and all background voices by Lea Jane Berinati Burie.

Is sulfide mining REALLY a gift?

What happens when something that seems like a gift, turns out to be something else entirely? Some people say sulfide mining brings jobs and an economic boost. In this video, let’s look at what history and science can teach us.

Protect the Willow: An Organizing Story
This organizing story features a self-acclaimed group of “political rookies” in northern Wisconsin. The Protect the Willow team came through the July 2018 WiLD workshop to figure out how they would, in short order, face Goliath—stopping a coordinated effort to expand sulfide mining. Congratulations to the team and the River Alliance of Wisconsin who provided ongoing coaching support in making happen. This video has been provided through the courtesy of River Alliance of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Leadership Development Project. 

Meet Paula Mohan, a River Alliance Water Hero
“The Seventh Generation model is something that I really wish we could adopt within dominant, cultural, political institutions, because it is the idea that you think 150 years ahead, asking, ‘What policy should I be passing today, that will create good policy in 150 years. What will my children inherit?’ Instead of the next election cycle, six months from now asking, ‘How do we get this passed through, so that we can get money from this particular interest, which will pay my campaign and make sure that I get to retain this seat.'”– Paula Mohan, political scientist and River Alliance Water Hero
This video has been provided through the courtesy of River Alliance of Wisconsin.