We Cannot Live Without Water: The Crandon Mine Movement 1976-2003

A short film made by Claudia Delgado for the National History Day project. The video provides some historical and cultural context behind the alliance against Exxon’s proposed Crandon mine at the headwaters of the Wolf River.

Artwork by Susan Simensky Bietila is included in this film: the Tommy Thompson jester puppet, the BAN CYANIDE banner and the installation of Tombstones dedicated to rivers poisoned by mining. Included are pages from the drawn stories, A Northwoods Tale and Water Protectors. You can see the entire stories at art-as-activism.blogspot and in World War 3 Illustrated magazine (AK Press). You can also see more of Susan’s work on our blog here.

2 thoughts on “We Cannot Live Without Water: The Crandon Mine Movement 1976-2003

  1. elonshasbrook

    This is SOOOO important to continue fighting against the mining companies who want to get short term gain for long term environmental damage. Our economy here in the Northwoods depends on clean water!! Our tourism, the quality of life and our drinking water all depends upon clean water! Mining does not belong in a land of lakes!!


  2. Susan Bietila

    The film is great and I will share it widely. One thing. I absolutely HONORED that you used so very many of my photos and artwork. But did you credit me for my work? I didn’t see it. Please do include my name.
    Sincerely, Susan Simensky Bietila

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